We love: Mixed Chicks haircare

If you are anything like me (Louisa), your Afro hair is curly when wet and frizzy when dry!  And heaven help you if you want to put a comb through it Рouch! (I recommend Doo Gro Triple Strength Anti Breakage Growth Detangler for such moments!) So if you want to wear your natural curly hair out, for your wedding day and not have to relax it to get it to sit down (I am currently growing my relaxed hair out, more on that soon!) what options do you have?

Well, my friend has just recommended the leave in conditioner from Mixed Chicks which she purchased in the US. You wash, condition and air dry your hair, and that’s it! Curl City! And her hair was lovely and shiny too.

Lucky for me (and you!) Mixed Chicks is now in the UK available from Black and Mixed Skin.com! Yay!

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