Wedding Reception Music/Entertainment Tips

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Freak Music share with us today how to make your wedding reception music go with a bang!

Congo Faith Healers

Congo Faith Healers

From bagpipes to stand-up comedians turned DJ’s, wedding entertainment runs the gamut. The only difficulty is in determining what type of entertainment suits your personality and the likely mood of your guests. Whatever musical group or entertainer you choose, here’s a few general tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep It Light

Weddings are festive occasions, meant for celebration. Don’t skimp on the cost of a band if it means you’re going to end up with a dour, listless bunch of performers. If possible listen to recordings of the band or better still watch a video to make sure they know upbeat songs that get people in the mood to dance and have a look that will suit your wedding’s style. Even a jazz band can play popular standards that will energize the crowd while keeping the reception moving. If you can’t afford a full band and choose to hire a DJ instead, ask for a sample playlist to get a feeling for what the DJ considers a musical good time.

 Holly J

Holly J

2. Don’t Micromanage

Although every bride wants her big day to go according to plan, there’s a difference between choosing the right entertainer and dragging them down with too many demands. Entertainers need a little spontaneity to keep their performances from feeling stale. Although it’s perfectly fine to request certain songs or ask for a DJ to follow a pre-programmed routine, don’t make the mistake of trying to plan out every last song or moment. Great entertainment will provide a mood; don’t get too nitpicky as to how they’re going to do it.

red hot chilli pipers

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

3. Plan for Different Stages

Speaking of the right mood, what specific musician or entertainer should you choose to make the day memorable? In most cases, the bride and groom should choose someone who reflects their tastes but can also cater to an older crowd. After all, most weddings have a grandmother or two in the crowd. If you’re planning a big family wedding, make sure the group isn’t overly offensive. Jazz combos can make a fantastic addition to any wedding, as can eclectic DJ’s who know they should save spinning the more risqué numbers until after 9 or 10pm. Most wedding receptions have stages; there’s the immediate post-ceremony glow, followed by the mid-evening dinner/drinks period, followed by the late-night shift of die-hard partiers. Each stage has its own mood. Truly talented wedding entertainers will be able to effectively shift from one stage to the next. This will give your special day a textured quality suitable for all age groups.

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