Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 2


Hope you enjoyed my first instalment yesterday! Now everything is packed, all excursions booked, one final thing to do… travel to my destination!

One top tip for travelling guests is to prepare for a long journey! Over 9 hrs on a plane is NOT a good look! My dayzzzzz! The food on the plane was not the greatest….next top tip – eat before you board! A Sunday roast that looked and tasted like it was from Sunday last week and warmed up with steam was our first treat! Soggy broccoli, soggy carrots, soggy stuffing and “roast” potatoes??? Not my idea of fun!

The other two snacks left much to be desired too. A honey and mustard chicken wrap sounded ok but the filling had been so liquidised it was fit only for my 1 yr old!  The second stash was wilted cheese and pickle sandwiches which did not look or taste too great either. The screen depressingly said only 8.34 hrs since departure but that did not include the extra 1.5 hrs we waited on the runway for an extra crew member to arrive!!

JA you have a lot to answer for but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it!!


On arrival at the airport in Jamaica, the staff were friendly and courteous and we had a designated Sandals desk and private waiting area which was nice.


Our luggage was tagged and our own private driver, Robert came in to collect us. Phew! I’d had nightmares based on people’s stories of being pounced upon by soliciting cabbies but we just strolled straight past.

If I was going to give another tip for guests I would recommend that they book with a tour operator or package deal like Sandals. It may be pricey but the peace of mind is priceless!

 The tour operator we booked with was Funways. They were great. Also to note, as with most bookings nowadays the tickets were e-tickets and emailed to us.


Till next time! Over to HQ!

Tasha, roving reporter in Jamaica.

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