Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 4

Having an all inclusive holiday sounds like a luxury but in my opinion actually makes a holiday a holiday! The breakfast buffet was amazing! Beautiful pastries, fruit and hot meals were available and once again the service was great. Breakfast was followed by a brief orientation of the site. The maps provided were confusing by their own admission so we found most things by following our noses. One helpful addition was a daily newsletter that provided a comprehensive list of all the day’s events on all sites from 7am – 2am the following day. This was available free of charge from an information desk.

Getting used to the time difference proved difficult….spent the day dozing off at several different points. If you want to enjoy your time as a guest it’s advisable to arrive at least a few days before the wedding to acclimatise if you don’t want to be sleeping through their vows!

Dinner was in one of the two restaurants on site that expressly stated evening wear so make sure you bring some! Don’t go overboard however as they didn’t appear to be too strict on the rule as I saw one holiday maker in a T shirt! The Food in the Chinese was ok….I don’t think you can beat a British Chinese but I’m biased I guess 😉

Ended the evening very early – 9.30pm JA time but that was 3.30 am UK time!!! Absolutely shattered! I can’t think of any tips for beating jet lag I’m afraid – apart from riding it out! Open to suggestions 😉 Over and out….


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