Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 5

Another structured day. We were finally getting the hang of it all.

The highlight of this day was initially going to be the glass bottom boat trip that we did at midday, but the adventures were going to get a lot more heart-racing than that!

The tour was short but quite entertaining – the guides had lots of stories to tell and although we didn’t stand still long enough to get any good underwater shots. It’s as close as I’d ever get to snorkelling – whatever floats your boat I guess (if you’ll pardon the expression)! 

We followed this with a tie-dying experience which we were under the impression would be a lesson where we got to tie-die our own t-shirts ourselves but instead we bought t-shirts and watched a skilled veteran do it for us. It was a lengthy wait but it was worth it – two authentic and original t-shirts and gifts for the kiddies.

After an afternoon nap we got prepared for our location photoshoot! Very exciting! Of course the skills and talents of my partners in crime, Cassie and Louisa can’t be competed with, but a location photoshoot is exciting nonetheless.The excitement was heightened when I realised I’d mislaid my pouch with – wait for it – my room key, hotel credit card and iPhone 4!!! Argggggghhhhhh!!!

The staff were so helpful however and several phonecalls, palpitations and nail-biting minutes later my pouch is recovered and returned with all contents intact! Just gives you an idea of the kind of guests and staff we were in the company of! So the evening ended on a high – we bought 10 of our photos and bartered the price down. Top tip moment – all inclusive doesn’t actually mean ALL inclusive! Extras like these things and the spas, massages etc are often extra. Come prepared.

Next tip – get as good a bargain as you can – they’re quite flexible. 😉

All good things come to an end….  join us next time when Tasha blogs her final post on attending a destination wedding  – the wedding day itself, making a wedding cake for the wedding whilst on location (yes really!), and her epic journey back to the UK.

Till next time….

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