Help, my bridesmaid is pregnant!


Don’t panic! There are a lot of empire line dresses, high waisted under the bust with a flowing skirt which are comfy as well as being stylish.

Depending at which stage of pregnancy your bridesmaid is at, here are a few tips to make your wedding day as comfy as possible for her.

  • From 6 weeks until around 17 weeks the dreaded morning sickness kicks in for most mums to be. Some are fortunate not to suffer it at all and some suffer more than others, and not just in the morning either. A few crackers, chewing gum or a sniff of essential oils like mint help with the nausea, so make sure there is a emergency kit tucked into your bridesmaid’s handbag. If all else fails a whiff of a Jif Lemon Squeezy will do the trick. (Strange, but true!)
  • Go easy with the perfume and the mints, due to hormonal changes, your bridesmaid’s sense of smell is now supercharged like a cat! So now all smells – even ones you can’t smell – have the ability to be nausea inducing.
  • Pregnant bridesmaids get tired more easily, so enlist another bridesmaid to be on wedding dress train carrying duty.
  • Later on in pregnancy, your pregnant bridesmaid’s centre of gravity will shift so if all bridesmaids are wearing heels, consider getting your bridesmaid a pair of flat shoes or a pair of flip flops after the photos are taken.
  • Don’t worry if your bridesmaid sobs uncontrollably during your wedding vows… it is only the hormones again!
  • Your bridesmaid may have intense cravings for strange food or may have gone off everything, or be completely thirsty all the time. Make sure your bridesmaid is hydrated and manages to eat something at the wedding breakfast.

Any other tips for surviving being a bridesmaid and pregnant, leave them in the comments box below!

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One Response to “Help, my bridesmaid is pregnant!”
  1. Mobile Disco says:

    This is always the fear of the brides but joyous for the bridesmaids and an easy fix for the dresses..