Wedding Hair Inspiration: Dreads and Locks


Carrying on with the 3rd installment in our series of how to customise your hair for your wedding, today we are going to be talking about locks, twists and dreads.

Your options are to either to have your locks out or tie them back (at least some in part) so that they don’t fall into your face when you are saying your vows or go for a full updo/bun!

Organic Dreadlocks have a spiral hair to tie back your locks or to tie them back in a half up do.


Individual dreadlock jewellery and beads

As most are made with precious metal, it probably best to attach them the day of the wedding (after you have put on your dress if you have to pull it over your head!) as they are likely to catch and snag on delicate fabrics or poke you whilst you are sleeping and disturb your last night’s sleep as a single lady! Don’t forget to take out to prevent oxidation of the metal!

Zayunu by Design, a London based designer has a wide range of unique dread jewellery and creative bridal pieces so check her fab work out on Flickr and her website.

With a full bun or updo, go for a decorative side tiara or hairvine. Till next time!

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