How to wear an Afro on your wedding day

Back again with more Afro hair inspiration for your big day!

Champagne Cream Flower Bridal Headband by BoutiqueDeBandeaux, on Etsy.

At many a wedding, I have seen brides and bridesmaids choosing to wear their natural hair in weaves or straightened with hair pieces. To be honest I haven’t seen many women wear their hair in an Afro for their wedding day. Maybe it is seen as not putting in enough effort, or pampering yourself enough, or a dislike for natural hair, the bottom line is I really don’t know.

However, if you have natural hair and you want to wear your hair in an Afro, here is some inspiration.

Preparing the Afro

  • Having your hair trimmed regularly helps a lot, especially getting rid of the dead ends.
  • Wash, condition, moisturise, and part hair into 4 sections and plait.
  • Allow enough time for your hair to air dry – you don’t want your hair to be wet in parts on your big day.
  • Comb out the Afro and detangle in sections. Doo-Gro Detangler works a treat.

(This YouTube video demonstrates a great technique to detangle without causing damage or breakage to the ends.)

  • If you want to set your Afro in a curly style, set it whilst wet with Mixed Chicks.
  • Blow dry your hair out with a pick if you are short on time and can’t air dry.

Wedding Afro Style

If you are planning a summer wedding, remember having your hair out makes you feel hotter and more so if you have a veil. A strapless wedding dress will suit as it keeps your décolletage free and cooler!

Accessorise you hair with a dramatic tiara or side headpiece.

Mini Top Hat, Cheshire Cat Side Bridal Headband & Anita Tiara from Love Tiaras.

Half Afro

Cornrow the front of your hair and have the back Afro. Diamonte pins add a sparkle! Also if you want a half Afro without cornrowing, use a 80s style veil to pull back the Afro into a loose bun.

(Here’s me messing around on a bridal photo shoot, but you get the idea about using a veil to style the hair into a half Afro!)

Till next time!

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4 Responses to “How to wear an Afro on your wedding day”
  1. Lovely headpieces, such an informative piece. When I got married my hair was relaxed but I’m currently under going my transitioning journey to natural hair!

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