Wedding Hair Inspiration: Hair Pieces – The Messy Half Up Do/Down Do

Hi all, Cassie here with another instalment in the wedding hair inspiration series.

This post we are going to be talking about hair pieces and how to incorporate them in your wedding day look. Hair pieces are not just for adding length, they can also be a great way of experimenting with new looks without cutting or constantly using heat on your hair.

This style is the messy half up do/down do – perfected by Tasha and modelled here by the lovely Louisa on her wedding day!

The messy half up do/down do is an alternative to having sculptured curls set with a barrel tong and hairspray/curl wax and sure to give you a glamorous look on your wedding day! Plus you won’t need to worry about your hair frizzing, as it is up and pinned out of the way.

This look is very simple to do and will not take much time on the day itself – it only requires two ponytail hairpieces – one straight and one wavy. Your hair only needs to be long enough to be able to put in two ponytails.

To start off, wash, treat, blow dry and tong hair straight according to your normal routine. Check out this blog post for a few ideas on treating your hair before your wedding day. This can be done on another day to maximise time on the morning!

Make a side parting and sweep the hair back into a ponytail. Pull out long strands of your own hair near your sideburns to tong later. Use a comb to section out a portion of hair near the top of your head. This will give the look the height behind the tiara. Attach the straight ponytail to the section of hair. Take small sections (the smaller the better!) of the ponytail and pin the curls around the top of the head. If you want a little extra height add a hair doughnut underneath the ponytail before. Aim for a height slightly higher than your tiara.

Add the curly ponytail to your ponytail at the back of your head. If the hairpiece falls down too long at the back, adjust your ponytail and bring it up further up your head.

Slick back any stray hairs, tong the strands near your sideburns.

Add your veil, tiara and voila!

I hope you agree this look is super simple to do and will look fabulous all day long. It is a look that works well with bling Рsparkly Swarovski encrusted princess gowns and red carpet style asymmetrical frocks Рanything glamorous really.

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