Tips for choosing a Caribbean food caterer for your wedding breakfast

Most girls happily embrace the idea that one’s wedding day, (if done right), is one of the most momentous occasions that one can experience. From a young age we spend hours dressing up dolls, cutting up pictures and playing make believe. As we mature, those fantasies become brighter with thoughts about the venue, visualisations of that dress and dreams of that perfect man who will eventually sweep us off our feet!  We appreciate the uniqueness of a wedding, so amongst the fact that we want our dresses to be perfect, we secretly insist that our food has to be perfect too!

As Trinidadian caterers, our priority is to bring a touch of that famous Caribbean influence, by introducing the idea that one should think about planning events around the food you eat.  To aid this, your food should be done by a professional caterer who understands your expectations, has an eye for intricate detail and devotes their time to meeting the needs of your guests that day.

Bring the Caribbean to you with an authentic taste

Whilst the stunning beaches, hot weather and friendly people may remain a dream, it is possible bring a taste of the Caribbean to your wedding reception via the food you serve.  Authenticity should never be compromised, so if you choose the right caterers, you should be able to recreate that environment by serving food that almost makes you forget that you are not on the beach! Caribbean food is highly seasoned and the smells and tastes linger for a long time, making it the perfect choice for a wedding to remember.

Meet with your Caterer in person and have a tasting session

When you are choosing a caterer, it is very important to get a good feel from the company. They need to be friendly from the start as you will be relying on them to get it right. Tasting sessions are imperative, as they give you first-hand experience of the kind of food your guests can expect and give you the opportunity to compile your unique wedding menu. After this meeting with the caterer you should know if they are right for your special day.

Be inspired by the cuisine of the different Caribbean islands

Some Caribbean caterers tend to focus on Jamaican cuisine and offer Jerk Chicken, Ackee and Saltfish and Rice and Peas. These dishes are fantastic, but can be restrictive considering the size of the Caribbean. Caribbean food varies from island to island, so you will find that a lot of caterers offer a range of prices and menus.

Some of popular dishes in Caribbean Cooking are Macaroni Pie (Baked macaroni and cheese), Seasoned Fried Rice with Sweet Corn and Sweet Peppers, BBQ Style Chicken, Roast Pork, Geera (Cumin) Pork, West Indian Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken, Fried Chicken, Fried Fish, West Indian Chicken Curry, Dhal Puri Roti, Paratha Roti, Rice and Peas and of course the much loved Fried Plantain.

The desserts vary as well from Black Forest Gateau, Cheesecake, Trinidad Black Cake (Rum Cake) and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. We can also provide chocolate fountains with fresh fruit skewers.

At ‘Trini Caribbean Catering we offer a taste of Trinidad and Tobago as our Head Chef is fromTrinidad but can also prepare dishes from other islands.  We have a very large clientele and we do everything from office parties to weddings. We also offer an inimitable service where you select your menu and leave it to us to create and put it together beautifully for your special day.

A big thank you to Sharon for sharing with us some of her top tips for choosing a Caribbean food caterer for your wedding breakfast. To find out more information please visit Trini Caribbean Catering at, email or call Sharon on 0203 544 3558.

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