We love: Therez Fleetwood’s wedding dress collection

Therez Fleetwood’s bridal collection combines the exotic and romantic with the modern
and structured. Inspired by colour, shape and texture, Therez creates a unique
collection of wedding dresses that combine stylish silhouettes, gorgeous fabrics, exquisite details
and creative design patterns made from beads, trinkets, embroidery, shells and lace.

“Our society is a melting pot of various cultures”, says Fleetwood, “we are choosing to express
ourselves and our individuality in all aspects of our lives including our wedding attire. For a
long time, brides wore traditional wedding dresses that did not represent their diversity”.

Therez moves against the trends and expresses her fashion sensibilities while breaking the modern wedding mould. As a custom designer, her wedding dresses have received rave reviews from brides all over the world. Brides from as far away as Germany, Egypt, Italy, Tanzania, and Australia have embraced her designs and donned her dresses.

Therez’s bridal designs have been on display in the “New York Gets Married” and “Black Style Now” exhibits at the Museum of the City, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh – where she designed an original wedding gown to support the fund raising efforts for “‘The Lost Boys of the Sudan” and at the Fashion Institute of Technology, (the college in which she attended), in honour of the Black Fashion Museum. She was also a featured designer highlighted in Macy’s “Catch the Designers” which provided a ‘behind the runway’ look at the diverse designers impacting fashion today.

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