How to choose a Menu for a West African Wedding

As promised part 2 of Sid’s guest post on how to choose the menu for your wedding breakfast. If you missed Part 1 on how to select a West African caterer click here!

Next big thing on your list is a caterer; but before you contact caterers you need to come up with at least a sample menu. You need to know your budget for food and an example of what you want served.  If you are working to a budget then a set menu and price per head may be the route for you. However, if you want to be adventurous, offer something different, or just lots of variety, then you need a menu.

Caterers will quote according to what you want. If you are not quite sure what you want, but have a budget in mind then speak with your caterer, they are there to guide you, listen, propose and advise you. Deciding on quantities should be the job of the caterer; they should be able to give you a break down if you ask for it. If you are struggling and need any help, get in touch.

At Eclectic African Catering, we offer Nigerian, Ghanaian and Cameroonian cuisines; these cuisines have some similar dishes with slight variations in ingredients used and cooking methods. However they also have their own very unique signature / regional dishes. Below are some suggestions as to what you can have at your wedding. Please note, the list below is not exhaustive of what we offer and can offer you a lot more – all you need to do is ask!

Starters: The serving of a starter is not usually common at a West African wedding. However considering that a typical wedding can sometimes takes the best part of a day with food served well into the programme; it is not a bad idea to have a starter a few hours before the main meal. Your guests would have come from church and those with children may be getting hungry.

Small portions of light things should wet their appetite but also stop any first stirrings of hunger and keep children quiet. Try our dodo & gizzard or assorted meat or fish pepper soup (the three cuisines we do have slight variations in the ingredients used) for adults.

Small chops (buns, togbei, doughnut, meat pie, puff-puff) for the children, adults and vegetarians. If you have a small crowd and want something more, try our spicy king prawns on a bed of fresh vegetables or other options we have.

Mains: This is where the variety and culture diversity comes in. You can try the all-party favourites  – Fried rice, Jollof rice, Fried chicken, assorted meat, fried fish, moi-moi, tomato stew, fried plantain. Then you can add the extra, Efo riro, egusi, asaro, edika ikong, pounded yam, amala (Nigerian), Eru, Koki, Njama-njama, Ndole, Miondo, garri, roasted fish ( Cameroonian), Waachie, shito, banku, kenke, grilled tilapia, (Ghanaian).

Get in touch to see what more we can offer you. If you are combining any two of the above cultures we can do you a combination menu. Make sure you have an option available for vegetarians. Try our mixed vegetable pasta, in tomato sauce, or special fried rice / egg noodles.

Sides:  Keep these light, coleslaw is a favourite as it goes with most rice dishes, for those that don’t like salad cream or sauce, try mixed salad. Moi-Moi, dodo can also double up as sides.

Desserts: This is a great idea, if you are offering a sit down menu, as it usually adds a nice finish to the meal. We would recommend something light and fruity like our mixed tropical fruit salad in fresh fruit juice. If you decide to save money and not to have this extra then not to worry you will be automatically be ensuring your guests have space for your wedding cake which can also double up as a dessert!

If you have a large cake and want it eaten, then take this into consideration when planning the menu.

All in all, have fun when choosing the menu, and don’t forget to consult with the most important person in your life (your fiancé!) and check what he would like to eat on that day. Try to incorporate it in the menu; if you know his favourite meal or snack make sure it is on the menu if it is readily available. You both may not have the time or appetite to eat on that day with the soaring adrenaline levels, but at least he will know you are always putting his needs first!

At Eclectic African Catering we pride ourselves in providing you with great food and great service. we will work according to your budget or your menu and try to make a menu tailored to you and your wedding.  We look forward to hearing from you and working together to see how we can help you make your dream day a reality.  or on or on 07780286874

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