Review: High Pheels


Recently we received a sample from the company who make High Pheels. High Pheels are shoe covers for high heels (and unlike heel condoms) cover the whole shoe. The idea is that you can have endless possibilities when it comes to the style of your shoes. I can see the potential if you had a particular patterned style of shoe in mind for your bridesmaids for instance, your bridesmaids would not have to invest in a new set of shoes that they would not wear after the wedding.


The shoe covers come packaged in minimal packaging – only a cardboard insert detailing the fitting instructions and a plastic sleeve. The shoe covers come in a pack of two (obviously) and are fitted by putting the heel through the large hole and out the small hole and then  pulling the cover to fit over the shoe. There is no worry that you can put on the High Pheels backwards as you won’t be able to put on the cover if you put the heel in the small hold first. Once you have fitted, put in your foot and voila!


Things to note: High Pheels come in two sizes – SMALL (5-7.5) and MEDIULM (8-10.5). As they are US sizes, don’t get caught out and order the wrong size! For UK readers the small will fit 3-5 and the medium 6-10.  The black section of the High Pheels cover goes into your shoe, so may feel a little like you are wearing socks. High Pheels also work best on shoes that have a platform so that the cover can fitted clear of the underneath of the shoe. Shoes that are thinner can cause the shoe cover to slip under the sole or ride up back over the shoe.


The High Pheels are hand washable only and feel fairly study fabric wise.

Top idea!


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