What a Typical British Wedding Looks Like?

Britain has its fair share of wedding traditions, some stand the test of time, while others are chopped and changed as time goes by.

In Libra Photographic’s infographic, you will get an insight into what a British wedding looks like in 2015. From what age the bride and groom are on their wedding day to the average British wedding budget and of course, the most popular places to get married in the UK. We also reveal the major differences between a British wedding and an American wedding. For example, did you know that American wedding cakes are typically made of sponge and the tiers are usually stacked on top of one another, while British wedding cakes are traditionally made of fruit cake and are displayed using pillars in between each tier? There are plenty more differences in traditions between America and the UK that you may not be aware of and we reveal all in our insightful infographic.

If you want to know what a typical British wedding looks like in 2015, take the time to view Libra Photographic’s engaging graphic below. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Infographic by Libra Photographic – http://libraphotographic.co.uk/


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