A taste of Africa – cupcakes by Delights by Cynthia

October as you know, is Black History Month. How cool are these African themed cupcakes by Delights by Cynthia celebrating African arts and crafts – textiles, sculpture, beading and of course, nature! Cynthia Akinsanya created this collection to celebrate Black History Month and as a nod to her West African heritage. Her family is from Sierra Leone. Cynthia Akinsanya says: “These... Read More

Fab Finds: Cortez Treats – Wedding Cakes

Cortez Treats is a London based distinct bakery business that produces exquisite and delightful hand-crafted confectionery of all sort and style from British, French, Italian, and American to the most exotic ones. Cortez Treats provides its clientele with a rich selection of freshly baked,  bespoke, hand-crafted sweet favours ranging from the simplest to the most complex and... Read More

The History of Wedding Favours / Elenamaria

Favours are by no means a modern idea. They have been part of weddings for hundreds of years, although it’s thought that they started in Italy around the 1700s. Back then, it was something only wealthy aristocrats could afford, presenting their wedding guests with a little box filled with sugar that was very much a luxury at the time. But as sugar became more affordable,... Read More

Hen Party // Bridal Shower Inspiration

Well, it is Leap Year Day today, the traditional day for ladies to propose marriage! Any gentlemen refusing said marriage proposal had to give the woman a kiss and a silk gown, but only if she was wearing a red petticoat.  No red petticoats in this post today, but lots of hen night/bridal shower inspiration (because we know he’ll say yes)! Jade bridal shower invitation by... Read More