Wedding Blog Inspiration

Hello all! It has been about 18  months since we first started on our journey of writing this wedding blog, dedicated to celebrating the rich diversity and culture of weddings. We are touched by the amount of people who read our posts (good old Google Analytics!) Anyway, we’d like to give a shout out to all the UK bloggers who are flying the flag for the Black British bride... Read More

Seven things that happened at the Royal Wedding that will happen at your wedding

Well, the Royal wedding is over, and life returns to normal for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whatever normal means for them. One of the things that touched me during the wedding was part of the Bishop of London’s address that all weddings are Royal Weddings. “In a sense every wedding is a royal wedding with the bride and the groom as king and queen of creation, making... Read More

How to choose your wedding photographer

Last time we spoke about why wedding photography costs as much as it does. As promised, today we are going to talk about how to choose your wedding photographer for your big day! You can spend literally hours looking at wedding photographer’s websites or flicking through real weddings on blogs and buying up all the latest wedding magazines from WHSmith, and still not be able... Read More

Afro Wedding Hair Inspiration

Cassandra, here! You’ve got ‘the’ wedding dress and you have followed the haircare tips provided by Fiona and now you’re ready to choose the all important ‘do’ for the day. With Afro hair, the sky really is the limit on how to wear your hair for your big day! From china bumps, finger waves, weaves,braids, half up dos, sleek , straight, curly to... Read More

Does the Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry work on Afro Hair?

While Tasha prepares to jet to sunnier climes shortly to attend a destination wedding, Cassie and me get to stay on in good old Blighty and enjoy the delights of grey skies and rain. Is it just me or is February 2011 seem really long? It is only 28 days, but it feels like 100! Anyway,  on the one sunny and mildly warm day so far this month, I took myself off to have a consultation... Read More

Getting Married in St Lucia

St Lucia has just won the ‘World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination 2010’ award, so if any future brides and grooms are planning a destination wedding, then St Lucia is not a bad choice! I (Louisa) have lived in St Lucia for 5 years and have some family over there and in Barbados. So without further ado here is my mini guide to St Lucia! Getting to St Lucia – it... Read More

Wedding Photography: why is it so expensive?

Most brides and grooms would like to hire a professional wedding photographer (and possibly also a videographer) to capture the memories from their wedding day. Some brides and grooms are put off by the seeming high cost of wedding photography. After all, over a month’s salary seems a lot to spend on some wedding photographs! Doesn’t it? Or does it? For a wedding photographer... Read More

Finding the right wedding dress for the typical black woman’s shape

Some would argue that there is no typical black woman’s shape and arguably, this is true; after all – every woman is an individual.  However, I would be very surprised if there were not several of you black women out there who have far too often been annoyed by the jeans that fit beautifully at the hips but could fit another woman in around the waist line! Or found that the... Read More

Real Wedding: Monalisa and Cedrick’s green themed autumn wedding

Monalisa and Cedrick first met at a conference in the States. Their romance would not have blossomed if it had not been been for their mutual friend (and now bridesmaid!) mistakenly giving him the bride’s number. The bride had told the groom that he was welcome to get her number in the UK from their friend, but she hoped their friend would say no! Their friend thought the... Read More

Why do wedding cakes cost so much?

It is common knowledge now that for most weddings you almost need to remortgage to just pay for even a simple wedding.  A couple need to budget for rings, venues, outfits, catering all huge expenses and the cake is no exception.  Every couple want their wedding to be the best and most memorable yet, and one of the biggest talking points of a wedding day is the cake itself. Size A... Read More