Fab Find: weddingorg.com wedding websites

Have  you ever wanted to design a website for your wedding to display information to your guests? You trawled the internet for free templates and tried to do it yourself, and then given up after not getting it the way you pictured it in your head? Ever thought that maybe it would be easier to have someone else do it? WeddingOrg.com do exactly that.  They started designing... Read More

Fab Find: Bespoke Wedding Invitations made from your material

What a fab find this is – a bespoke wedding invitation or table numbers made from your specially chosen fabric? Yes please! To find out more contact Ethnikards or follow them on Twitter.  Read More

Fab Find: Wedding Dresses Dot Com

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to see all potential wedding dresses in one place? Well, Wedding Dresses does exactly that. You can search by colour, style or designer, and when you find the prefect dress you can Pinterest it or send to Facebook! Check it out!  Read More

Review: High Pheels

Recently we received a sample from the company who make High Pheels. High Pheels are shoe covers for high heels (and unlike heel condoms) cover the whole shoe. The idea is that you can have endless possibilities when it comes to the style of your shoes. I can see the potential if you had a particular patterned style of shoe in mind for your bridesmaids for instance, your bridesmaids... Read More

We love: Dream Cake Toppers

Dream Cake Toppers create personalised cake toppers of outstanding quality. They have been perfecting handcrafting techniques for over 15 years and the new website is a unique place where couples can come and enjoy the creative experience, as well as to get lots of advice on their cake topper project. The cake toppers are made fully by hand with a unique combination of resin and... Read More

We love: Jean Paul Gaultier tuxedos


If James Bond can jump out of a helicopter with the Queen in a tuxedo without a sweat, then the classic formal and wedding suit deserves a second look. Seen here for Spring 2013, Jean Paul Gaultier has given the tuxedo an adventurous high waisted trouser in leui of a cumberland. Jackets range from fitted to waterfall, ensuring a comfortable fit. The classic suit has been disconstructed... Read More

We love: Tabloach Productions – Barbie/Ken Doll Customisations

A cool idea for a thank you gift for your flower girl or little bridesmaid is a unique Barbie doll that looks like them! Loanne Hizo Ostlie who runs Tabloach Productions has been customising Barbie and Ken dolls (and others!) for over 10 years with new hair and facial features. For for more information on doll customisations visit their website or store.  Read More

We love: Simply Bridal Wedding Dresses

  Simply Bridal is an online retailer that started back in July 2011. They aim to deliver quality wedding and bridesmaid dresses without the fuss, hassle, and expense of middlemen.  They are able to keep costs affordable since they don’t have the high overheads of retail space, whilst concentrating on using superior materials and delivering a fast, friendly, and professional... Read More

We love: Cakes by Krishanthi

How gorgeous is this bird cage wedding cake with mini cakes by London wedding cake maker, Cakes by Krishanthi? Perfect for your spring wedding!  Read More

We love: Deco Drop Earrings by Stella & Dot

There’s bling and then there’s bling. Deco Drop Earrings. Available from Stella & Dot.  Read More