Fab Find: weddingorg.com wedding websites

Have  you ever wanted to design a website for your wedding to display information to your guests? You trawled the internet for free templates and tried to do it yourself, and then given up after not getting it the way you pictured it in your head? Ever thought that maybe it would be easier to have someone else do it? WeddingOrg.com do exactly that.  They started designing... Read More

Wedding Planning: Helpful Hints & Tips

1)      Setting your BUDGET Before you start planning your wedding, you need to know what you’ve got to spend and who is paying for what. This may involve a slightly awkward conversation with your families, but being up front now is essential. The largest part of your budget will be spent on your reception venue, food and drinks followed by your wedding dress, décor, entertainment,... Read More

Hen Party // Bridal Shower Inspiration

Well, it is Leap Year Day today, the traditional day for ladies to propose marriage! Any gentlemen refusing said marriage proposal had to give the woman a kiss and a silk gown, but only if she was wearing a red petticoat.  No red petticoats in this post today, but lots of hen night/bridal shower inspiration (because we know he’ll say yes)! Jade bridal shower invitation by... Read More

Engagement Shoot: Henry and Haleigh’s informal Orlando Florida engagement photos

A big thank you to Orlando, Central Florida wedding photographer Shipra Panosian for sharing these beautiful engagement shoot photographs of Henry and Haleigh with us! Henry and Haleigh commissioned Shipra Panosian for an engagement shoot whilst they were home  from their studies during their semester break. So they headed off to shoot in a local wood to capture some fun, romantic... Read More

Engagement Shoot: Judy and Neil, Pasadena by Lin and Jirsa Photography

An engagement shoot is a great way to work together with your wedding photographer before your big day… think of it as a dry run! By the time of the wedding, not only will you be more relaxed before the camera, you will have a set of beautiful photographs that capture the period of time when you were engaged. Engagement shoots are usually taken on location – often... Read More

The Modern day “Bride price”- Fusion style!

A bride price, also known as bride wealth, is a payment made by the Groom or his family to the parents of the Bride upon the marriage. In some cultures as soon as this is paid, even up to a year before the actual wedding the couple are considered married. The payment can take the form of livestock, money, property, or even expensive fabric.  Whatever it is… the boy has got... Read More

Pre Wedding: Amber and Joe’s mehndi and nikkah

Today we get to share the mehndi and nikkah ceremonies of Amber and Joe taken by Cameron Leung and Tracy, South Californian based wedding photographers who are newly engaged… to each other. Congrats! Cameron and Tracy had this to say about the Asian pre wedding ceremonies. “Amber is a practicing Muslim, as her father is originally from Pakistan. The bride and groom wanted... Read More