A taste of Africa – cupcakes by Delights by Cynthia

October as you know, is Black History Month. How cool are these African themed cupcakes by Delights by Cynthia celebrating African arts and crafts – textiles, sculpture, beading and of course, nature! Cynthia Akinsanya created this collection to celebrate Black History Month and as a nod to her West African heritage. Her family is from Sierra Leone. Cynthia Akinsanya says: “These... Read More

Fab Finds: Cortez Treats – Wedding Cakes

Cortez Treats is a London based distinct bakery business that produces exquisite and delightful hand-crafted confectionery of all sort and style from British, French, Italian, and American to the most exotic ones. Cortez Treats provides its clientele with a rich selection of freshly baked,  bespoke, hand-crafted sweet favours ranging from the simplest to the most complex and... Read More

The History of Wedding Favours / Elenamaria

Favours are by no means a modern idea. They have been part of weddings for hundreds of years, although it’s thought that they started in Italy around the 1700s. Back then, it was something only wealthy aristocrats could afford, presenting their wedding guests with a little box filled with sugar that was very much a luxury at the time. But as sugar became more affordable,... Read More

How to choose a Menu for a West African Wedding

As promised part 2 of Sid’s guest post on how to choose the menu for your wedding breakfast. If you missed Part 1 on how to select a West African caterer click here! Next big thing on your list is a caterer; but before you contact caterers you need to come up with at least a sample menu. You need to know your budget for food and an example of what you want served.  If you... Read More

How to choose a West African Caterer for your Wedding

Apart from the venue and the dress, catering is almost always the next big expense on any wedding check list. For the West African Bride, this becomes a little bit complex as there is so much choice including party and personal favourites. The following points should help you when choosing a caterer. As a new bride (some 8 months ago), I know only too well the frustrations you can... Read More

Tips for choosing a Caribbean food caterer for your wedding breakfast

Most girls happily embrace the idea that one’s wedding day, (if done right), is one of the most momentous occasions that one can experience. From a young age we spend hours dressing up dolls, cutting up pictures and playing make believe. As we mature, those fantasies become brighter with thoughts about the venue, visualisations of that dress and dreams of that perfect man who... Read More


Hello folks,  back again with an exclusive look at the Inspired 2012 Collection – a new range of wedding cakes, by the internationally renowned award winning luxury wedding cake designer, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. The couture collection is a tribute to the most iconic wedding dresses by notable designers including Oscar de la Renta, Helen Rose, Priscilla of Boston, Kosibah... Read More

Curried Goat Recipes for your wedding breakfast

Now be honest, whenever you get a wedding invitation, your first thought (after what you are going to wear of course!) is what are you going to get to eat at the wedding breakfast. So if you are planning the menu for your wedding breakfast, curried goat is a dish that always goes down a treat, especially at winter weddings. If you thought there was only one way to curry a goat,... Read More

We love: Avila UK (online Afro-Caribbean food store)

If you have ever had the joy (or the frustration!) of buying in the food and drinks  to self cater for your/relative’s wedding, then taking it to store at your mum’s house in many trips, and then taking it to all the ladies round London who would be cooking it and then getting it to the reception venue in coolers and trays in one piece, and wondered why there wasn’t... Read More

Market Kitchen Needs You!

Market Kitchen: Big Adventure is the flagship daily cookery show on The Good Food channel and is celebrating the royal wedding with a week of themed shows. They are looking for enthusiastic engaged couples who would like to get involved as part of an intimate audience on the show. It is a great opportunity to taste some delicious food whilst picking up some handy cooking tips and... Read More