Tips for choosing a Caribbean food caterer for your wedding breakfast

Most girls happily embrace the idea that one’s wedding day, (if done right), is one of the most momentous occasions that one can experience. From a young age we spend hours dressing up dolls, cutting up pictures and playing make believe. As we mature, those fantasies become brighter with thoughts about the venue, visualisations of that dress and dreams of that perfect man who will eventually sweep us off our feet!  We appreciate the uniqueness... Read More

We love: Avila UK (online Afro-Caribbean food store)

If you have ever had the joy (or the frustration!) of buying in the food and drinks  to self cater for your/relative’s wedding, then taking it to store at your mum’s house in many trips, and then taking it to all the ladies round London who would be cooking it and then getting it to the reception venue in coolers and trays in one piece, and wondered why there wasn’t an online shop option like Sainsbury’s, then wonder no more! Avila... Read More

Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest

Well, if you have ever considered having a destination wedding and getting away from dready old Blighty be sure to read the destination guides on Jamaica and St Lucia, but what if you have been invited to a destination wedding as a guest? We have sent our roving reporter  off to Jamaica to investigate what is it like being a guest at a destination wedding! We have sent our roving reporter Tasha off to Jamaica to investigate what is it like being... Read More

Pre-Wedding Hair Woes

Fiona is the writer of the uber cool and successful UK hair blog – where you can find out tips for caring for your Afro hair. In fact it was where I (Louisa) found out about the fabulous technique of co-washing (see point 1) which WILL revolutionise your hair! Fiona shares with us today her top 5 tips for having fabulous hair on your BIG day! Over to you Fiona….. — With the Royal wedding of Wills and... Read More

Real Wedding: Frederick and Terry’s China Garden Rosslyn VA Fusion Wedding

“The moment I met Frederick and Terry I knew I was in for an incredibly fun night. The love they shared between them was so strong and obvious that it made you happier just to be around them. Being that Frederick was African American and Terry was Chinese I wondered what the format of the wedding would be considering their families come from such different cultures. Well, they carefully crafted a fantastic celebration at the China Garden in... Read More

Interview with…. Adebayo Deru, London wedding photographer

Welcome Adebayo, and thank you for talking to our readers today about being a wedding photographer.  Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? I am a vibrant full time professional wedding photographer based in London. So how long have you been interested in photography? My passion for story telling in photography started from a very young age.  I understand the importance of documenting the honesty and truth of each moment. Couples in love and... Read More