How to care for your engagement ring

Well, well if it isn’t that time of year again! If you are lucky to be getting an extra bit of bling on Valentine’s Day (congrats!) you are going to need to know how to keep that sparkler sparkling! Your engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime –but like all good things it needs a little maintenance to keep it looking super sparkly at all times. Luckily, we have an expert on hand to clue us in on some valuable care tips. Vashi Dominguez... Read More

Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

All you lovely ladies who haven’t quite got the engagement ring yet, here is a handy infographic to make sure you get the sparkler of your dreams! Infographic by Simply Bridal.  Read More

We love: Diamond Engagement Rings – Diamond Geezer

We love this frog diamond engagement ring from Diamond Geezer – perfect for all budding princesses! Diamond Geezer is a second generation family run firm based in the Cotswolds, launched in 2002,  and they design and make everything they sell in just 7 to 10 days. All products are made in Britain and all 150,000 varieties of diamonds sold are from a legitimate source and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.  Read More

We love: Andrew Geoghegan’s enagement rings

Usually if you are looking for an engagement ring, your options are Argos, H Samuels and hanging around outside independent jewellery stores hoping to see anything that will take your fancy. If you wanted something that was unique and different, even bespoke, then Andrew Geoghegan is your man. Andrew Geoghegan is an award winning jewellery designer, whose unusual jewellery, wedding and engagement rings can be found all over the UK. With your left... Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s hope that today will be full of happy surprises and you will pop back and tell us the good news… hint hint! Happy Valentine’s Day from Natasha, Louisa & Cassandra! Photo credit: Urban Bridesmaid Photography  Read More