Wedding Photography – The Guide for Discerning Brides and Grooms

A big thank you to John Marxis, a London wedding photographer for  sharing with us his top tips for finding and commissioning a wedding photographer for your big day. Your wedding day is here, one of life’s greatest passages, a moment in time that changes everything. A day where you affirm your commitment to the one you love and cherish above all else – the romantic side of getting married. You hit the planning stages and begin to hear the... Read More

How to choose your wedding photographer

Last time we spoke about why wedding photography costs as much as it does. As promised, today we are going to talk about how to choose your wedding photographer for your big day! You can spend literally hours looking at wedding photographer’s websites or flicking through real weddings on blogs and buying up all the latest wedding magazines from WHSmith, and still not be able to narrow down your choice! Instead you are more confused than when... Read More

Wedding Photography: why is it so expensive?

Most brides and grooms would like to hire a professional wedding photographer (and possibly also a videographer) to capture the memories from their wedding day. Some brides and grooms are put off by the seeming high cost of wedding photography. After all, over a month’s salary seems a lot to spend on some wedding photographs! Doesn’t it? Or does it? For a wedding photographer to make a living wage from wedding photography, these elements have... Read More