Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: The Wedding [Part 6]

Doing a wedding cake from scratch on location for a destination wedding was a risk I wasn’t prepared to chance for a first attempt. I was also too afraid to bring one as I wasn’t completely confident that they wouldn’t try and attack it in the airport looking for drugs!! LOL! So in advance of the wedding the bride and I discussed designs that could be easily achieved on the plain white cake which was provided by the venue as part... Read More

Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 5

Another structured day. We were finally getting the hang of it all.   The highlight of this day was initially going to be the glass bottom boat trip that we did at midday, but the adventures were going to get a lot more heart-racing than that!   The tour was short but quite entertaining – the guides had lots of stories to tell and although we didn’t stand still long enough to get any good underwater shots. It’s as close as I’d... Read More

Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 4

Having an all inclusive holiday sounds like a luxury but in my opinion actually makes a holiday a holiday! The breakfast buffet was amazing! Beautiful pastries, fruit and hot meals were available and once again the service was great. Breakfast was followed by a brief orientation of the site. The maps provided were confusing by their own admission so we found most things by following our noses. One helpful addition was a daily newsletter that provided... Read More

Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 3

If you have been following our series on attending a destination wedding as a guest, Tasha our roving reporter in Jamaica has still not reached her destination after more than 17 hours of travelling! Let’s catch up with her third instalment and see how she fares on the final leg of her journey to get to that destination wedding on time! — The journey to the hotel was bumpy! He warned that if all went well it would be a further 2.5 hrs... Read More

Attending a Destination Wedding as a Guest: Part 2

Hope you enjoyed my first instalment yesterday! Now everything is packed, all excursions booked, one final thing to do… travel to my destination! One top tip for travelling guests is to prepare for a long journey! Over 9 hrs on a plane is NOT a good look! My dayzzzzz! The food on the plane was not the greatest….next top tip – eat before you board! A Sunday roast that looked and tasted like it was from Sunday last week and warmed... Read More