Wedding Planning: Helpful Hints & Tips

1)      Setting your BUDGET Before you start planning your wedding, you need to know what you’ve got to spend and who is paying for what. This may involve a slightly awkward conversation with your families, but being up front now is essential. The largest part of your budget will be spent on your reception venue, food and drinks followed by your wedding dress, décor, entertainment, photography, videography and any other smaller miscellaneous... Read More

Inspire 101 – Wedding & Special Events Workshop by Cedar Events UK

We love all our brides, and love you to keep reading the blog, but we know that once you get married, all things wedding get put away as you embark on your new adventure of married life and free evenings not spent planning colour schemes and favours! However, if you are considering starting a successful career in wedding and events planning, you can now learn the secrets of how to provide a luxury service to high end clients,  in the sumptuous and... Read More

BBC documentary needs you!

Are you engaged and getting married between now and April 2012? Have you enlisted the help of a fantastic wedding planner or handed over the planning duties to someone else? Is an over-eager mother-in-law or member of the community taking control? Is religion at the heart of your ceremony? If so, September Films would love to hear from you. They are looking for engaged couples from all religions, cultures and backgrounds to appear on a brand... Read More

The Modern day “Bride price”- Fusion style!

A bride price, also known as bride wealth, is a payment made by the Groom or his family to the parents of the Bride upon the marriage. In some cultures as soon as this is paid, even up to a year before the actual wedding the couple are considered married. The payment can take the form of livestock, money, property, or even expensive fabric.  Whatever it is… the boy has got to pay! The important thing to remember is the symbolism attached to... Read More

Interview with… Unique Dream Weddings London wedding planner

Today we are speaking with Deonne Grant – a London based wedding planner who covers weddings not only in London, but all of the UK and overseas. Deonne is half of the Unique Dream Weddings duo. (Annemarie is her business partner and twin sister!) She shares with us a little about wedding planning and what benefit having a wedding planner can bring to your wedding day, especially if you are having a multicultural wedding. Welcome Deonne, when... Read More